If you’re experiencing the effects of tooth decay, you want a solution fast.

Perhaps you just suspect you have fillings that are breaking down, and maybe even some cavities, but you definitely know you want a more cosmetic “smile friendly” solution than your current silver fillings.   Distinctively Dental has your solution!

About Tooth Colored Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are both durable and natural looking, blending in perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Because composites are more natural looking, the tried and true silver amalgam filling is phasing out. The composite filling has almost completely taken its place.

Once your tooth is filled, your dentist exposes the composite to a bright light source with a device which looks like a wand. The composite hardens from a soft, putty-like consistency to its solid filling state. You now have a completely natural-looking filling!

Composites have evolved a lot over the years. In the past they used to be more prone to causing occasional issues like post-treatment sensitivity or premature breakdown of the composite at its edges.

Luckily, composite formulations have improved dramatically over the last few years. The newest composites virtually eliminate these old issues.

Technically there’s no difference in technique between bonding and composite fillings. Dentists sometimes use the term “bonding” to refer to more demanding esthetic procedures performed on the front teeth using composite.
Depending on the procedure, there could be a slight difference between some back teeth and front teeth composites. More strength may be needed in the back, while more smoothness is necessary in the front.

Sensitivity frequently occurs with patients who have been grinding their teeth for weeks, months, or even years before their fillings. Click here to read more about bite guards!

Patients who eat or drink a lot of acidic liquids like soda and citrus will likely experience sensitivity after a composite filling. You should always rinse immediately after drinking these liquids to prevent sensitivity.

If your bite is off on your filling, you may experience sensitivity within the first few days. Problems with the bite can cause discomfort over time, so you should call your dentist and have your composite filling adjusted.

Don’t wait longer than a few days after your filling to address tooth sensitivity with your dentist! Your tooth becomes harder to treat the longer you wait.

No dentist wants to be not-so-fondly remembered every time you take a bite of ice cream or a sip of a cold beverage! Let us help you get back to normal.

Tooth Colored Composite Fillings

Call our Winston Salem dental office today at 336-765-3357 to schedule an appointment! Our durable composite fillings will stay strong while blending seamlessly with the natural white of your teeth.

Your comfort comes first here at Distinctively Dental, let us show you how.