We’ll make the Teeth Whitening process easy for you. BLEACH FREE FOREVER! (#BFF)

It’s time to stop hiding your teeth! A bright white smile will help you feel more confident. Get rid of bothersome stains and discoloration with our easy take home Bleach Free Forever kit. It will be your new #BFF!

Teeth Whitening Winston Salem Dentist Office

What steps should I take before a teeth whitening?

You will qualify for the whitening process when you come in for a complete dental evaluation, any necessary x-rays, and a cleaning.

First, we’ll make sure a simple cleaning is all you need. Some patients need a little catch up with their gum health before they can start whitening their teeth, but if a cleaning is all that’s necessary, we will usually be able to complete that the same appointment. And don’t worry, we’ll be with you through the whole process. Then your teeth will be healthy and prepared for our whitening treatment.

Once we’re confident your teeth are decay-free, we’ll issue your free Bleach Free Forever take home kit. We’ll go over the simple instructions with you.

If you need any fillings or other restorative work before your whitening, we’ll issue your Bleach Free Forever kit the same day you’re finished up so you can start right away.

Ongoing Whitening Services

After you receive your first Bleach Free Forever kit, Distinctively Dental will provide a large tube of bleaching gel every 12 months.

You just need to hold up your end of the bargain by:

  • Making and keeping twice yearly recall cleaning appointments and any other recommended gum therapies
  • Keep up with any fillings your dentist recommends
  • Remain in good financial standing with the office

Every 3 years, you are also eligible for another free dual application tray. If you need another dual tray before then, we’ll provide you with a new one at a discounted cost.

If, instead of our dual tray system, you would prefer impressions and custom bleach trays, we will happily provide you with details and the cost of this procedure at your appointment.

Ready to have the radiant smile you’ve always dreamed about? Call the Distinctively Dental office today at 336-765-3357! We’ll introduce you to your new #BFF!

Your comfort comes first here at Distinctively Dental, let us show you how.