What’s the best diagnostic tool the dentist possesses? It’s his or her vision. The intraoral camera is an extension of the dentist’s vision.

That’s why it’s the piece of equipment that gets more comments and compliments than any other piece of equipment in our dental office!

If we come across an issue during your visit, we want to explain what’s wrong in the clearest terms possible. And it turns out most patients want to understand what’s going on in their mouth too!

Intraoral Camera Winston Salem Dentist Office

A visual examination with intraoral pictures helps us communicate clearly with you about your oral health. And it is a complimentary part of your complete evaluation!

We can easily show you any hard-to-spot problems you can’t see when you look in the mirror. The enlarged image from the camera serves as a great magnification tool for both you and your dentist.

The intraoral camera is smaller than the head of a dental mirror. It can capture images and give us a dental history of your teeth.

Even if your mouth looks completely fine to the naked eye, the intraoral camera can reveal a problem as it photographs and magnifies your teeth. There are some things you just can’t see on an X-Ray. This allows us to catch problems before they worsen and make it easier for you to understand why we’ve chosen a specific treatment plan for you.

If we have been observing a problem for an extended period of time, we can compare images from visit to visit. The images taken by the Intraoral camera can mean the difference between keeping an eye on an issue and taking action with a procedure.

We take images of problems such as:

  • Signs of decay
  • Crack lines
  • Fractured areas of your teeth
  • Broken fillings
  • Soft tissue lesions

The clear color image produced by the camera helps you better understand why you need a dental procedure. Together, we’ll make treatment decisions with more confidence than we could without the help of the intraoral camera.

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