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There are three main types of dental x-rays. All of which are totally acceptable from a diagnostic standpoint. However, True Digital X-Rays stand apart from the rest. By using True Digital X-Rays, we’re able to get higher quality x-rays faster while reducing your exposure to radiation. It’s a win-win-win!

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A thorough dentist looks beyond the surface level. Our Sirona Panoramic machine captures roundhouse images which show many important structures beyond the teeth, so we know we’re not missing anything. The usual “bitewing” x-rays are still necessary, but they only do one thing well – look between the teeth for cavities. Every 3 to 5 years, we recommend looking beyond your teeth with our Panoramic machine, so your dentist can examine your jaws, joints, sinuses, and other critical structures for a holistic view of your oral health. Rest easy knowing you don’t have any oral health issues standard “bitewing” x-rays could miss!

With True Digital, your x-ray image is never converted to digital, it’s always digital! During this process, you’re exposed to a mere fraction of the radiation involved in a traditional film-based x-ray. This allows us to produce quick and easy, high quality images with the safest, lowest-dose of radiation compared to traditional or Phosphor Plate X-Rays.

This x-ray system uses a sensor that looks like traditional film. Your x-ray technician feeds the individual images through a machine hooked to a computer, converting the analogue image into a digital format.

These are the traditional, decades-old x-rays. Your dentist mounts individual films in a holder viewed against a back-lit reader.

We use True Digital X-Rays because they are…

  • High Resolution. We can expand your x-ray images without losing detail. This process lets us reference the image in your treatment room, show you exactly what we’re seeing, and explain how it impacts your dental health. We can have a clear conversation about our findings and what’s important with these visual aids to keep us all on the same page.
  • Instant. With no conversion or developing involved, we have access to your x-rays immediately. Which means we have more time to spend with you during your appointment discussing your dental health. Your dental appointments will be quicker and more efficient than ever!
  • Long-lasting. Digital images will not tarnish over time. They can be safely stored digitally for quick and easy retrieval. We can also quickly transmit your images to other dental specialists who may be involved with your care.

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