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Bleach Free Forever!

If you have stained or discolored teeth, it’s hard to feel confident. Stop hiding your teeth in photos. It’s time to get your teeth whitened. Our take-home Bleach Free Forever kits are easy to use and convenient so you can transform your smile on your own time.

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Clemmons Dental Office Dentist in Winston Salem Reception

Emergency Same Day Treatments

Sometimes life happens. Your teeth go through a lot of wear and tear during the day. If you have a dental emergency, Distinctively Dental should be the first person you call! We’ll fit you in for a same-day appointment so you can get back to normal ASAP.

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Winston Salem Dental Office Dentist in Winston Salem Invisalign

Free Invisalign Consultation

You want straighter teeth. But is it really worth it to have uncomfortable metal brackets and wires on your teeth for years before you see any progress? Our clear, removable Invisalign orthodontics are almost invisible, and you’ll see great results along the way.

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Distinctively Down-to-Earth Dental Care.


You’ll be involved in every step of your treatment. You will know all the reasons we chose the procedure we did. From our digital x-rays to our Intraoral Camera, you’ll have a clear, magnified view of the problem. Understanding eases your anxiety about your dental procedure.

If you’re nervous about the procedure we recommend for you, we won’t ignore your concerns. We’ll walk you through any and all treatment alternatives so you can make an informed decision.

You don’t like to be kept waiting. You’re busy. You don’t want to to draw out your treatment. We understand and we’re transparent about our treatment process, creating a reasonable timeline to work for your schedule, not against it.

We build a personal connection with you so we can walk you through every step of your procedure. We’ll ease your anxiety as much as we can. We won’t just fix your teeth. We’ll educate you so you have less to worry about in the future!

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We know the importance of trust.

You’re understandably nervous about sitting down in the dentist’s chair. We’ll do everything we can to make your visit to our local Winston Salem office as comfortable as possible.


You will receive compassionate care with the aid of leading technology to make your appointment more comfortable and convenient.

Don’t spend your entire appointment anxiously awaiting those unnecessary inconveniences you’ve always hated about the dentist’s office. To make you more comfortable and to save you time, we invest in the best dental technologies available to improve our services.


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Specialized Areas of Practice

Winston Salem Dental Office Dentist in Winston Salem Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, is the easiest dental sedative that’s not really a sedative at all! It relaxes you during the procedure without putting you to sleep. You’ll be back out the door and headed home without a bunch of nasty lasting side effects.

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Winston Salem Dental Office Dentist in Winston Salem Xrays

True Digital X-Rays

These technologically advanced x-rays expose you to far less radiation than an old-fashioned Analogue X-Ray. We can magnify and enhance problem areas on the screen. No more pretending you know what you’re looking at on a traditional x-ray!

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Why do we stay on the cutting edge of technology?

Sure we enjoy working with new tools, but really it’s all about you.

Every new piece of technology we invest in is designed to speed up your visit and provide the most accurate dental care, while you remain comfortable. Most people don’t associate comfort with their dental appointment, but as our patient, you will. We provide the most efficient treatments so you can be out the door and back to your own life, faster.

Start feeling good about your smile!

Winston Salem Dental Office Dentist in Winston Salem Smile

If you have to hold back your laughter or hide your smile because you’re embarrassed to show your teeth, Distinctively Dental can help. We offer an array of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments that help you build up your confidence.

So go ahead and show off your biggest grin! Our services are all designed to provide care centered around you. As you share your concerns with us, we will determine the best solution for your individual needs.

Get relief from dental pain.

If you’re experiencing oral pain or sensitivity, you don’t have to continue dealing with it. Schedule a consultation appointment and learn about our extensive dental solutions. Rest assured, whatever is bothering you can be fixed and we are here to help. Feel comfortable again with our services:

We know you’re anxious about potential dental procedures. It happens to everyone, but if you wait too long to address dental issues, they can advance and you could face serious consequences like tooth loss. Call our Winston Salem dental office today and make sure you’re getting the most efficient and convenient, patient-centered dental care.

Winston Salem Dental Office Dentist in Winston Salem Dental pain

For practical solutions for every dental problem, give Distinctively Dental a call. We put you first!